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The importance of R&D on economic recovery

In these challenging times it’s never been more important to ensure R&D programmes are maintained and continue, to help springboard economic recovery once the grip of the coronavirus has subsided.

Currently international travel to key markets and manufacturing sources are compromised, however through the capabilities of JMDA, opportunities exist to maintain resources and R&D schedules, and therefore be in a position of strength when business returns to normal. R&D will play a key part in the overall global economic recovery as markets weakened by the impact of the coronavirus, jostle to gain the competitive edge and hit the ground running to increase sales.

Founder and Director of JMDA, Derrick Barker explains, “Companies that have a global presence with flexible resources that add value to a broad spectrum of industries, will certainly be better placed to support both existing R&D projects and aid the transition into growing markets.” He adds, “Now is the perfect time to take stock and reflect on new product designs. Often major shifts in the economic climate can act as a catalyst to inspire innovative product designs.”

JMDA has flexible global resources able to integrate where and when needed to support companies maintain their R&D programme. In China, JMDA’s Shanghai office can support with project management and customer liaison, providing on the ground support to manufacturing and production.

For more information about product design services to support both existing and new R&D projects, please give Derrick Barker a call on +44(0) 7831 464044 or alternatively email [email protected]

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