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The importance of unique stroller design in the nursery industry

Long-gone are the days that finding a low-cost copy of an existing stroller design would satisfy manufacturers. Having a unique product that stands out from the crowd is now the key to success.

By reflecting on past designs and breaking boundaries, new markets can be explored and made profitable. But why is a unique stroller design so important in the nursery industry right now? Let’s take a look:

Differentiation from competitors

A unique stroller design helps your product to stand out from your competitors in a very saturated market. Once most of the strollers on the market have achieved a similar degree of functionality and price range, the main element of distinguishing the different brands is pure styling. Unlike convenience products, such as fridges, washing machines, printers, etc…, where (except a few rare occasions), there’s not much space for styling and all the products have more or less the same functionality. In contrast, stroller manufacturers are pushing the limits, with brand new, cutting-edge designs, that re-define the whole sector.

Uniqueness helps increase sales and profits

It might sound obvious, but a stroller which has a unique design will be easier to sell than a ‘me to’ product. Leading with a stroller design that is new to the market attracts awards and, in turn, creates excitement within consumers. Stroller envy is a real thing and developing a stroller which has never been seen before creates the desire, want and need to buy a specific brand.

Experience counts when designing a new stroller

What has been done before and what hasn’t been done before, both locally and globally gives a sound base in which to start the product design process. 30 years’ experience gives us that edge in designing strollers and uniqueness is always at the forefront of our minds. As a design studio, tasked with this challenge, is very interesting and satisfying to know that each and every new item we design is basically a trend-setter of its own.

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