JMDA Appoints New Sustainability Champion

Product Design Agency, JMDA Design, has announced the appointment of a new Sustainability Champion, Becky Worrall, at their UK Head Office based in Pershore, Worcestershire.

Renowned for their award-winning child car seat designs and nursery products, JMDA Design have appointed Becky Worrall, Junior Industrial Designer as their new Sustainability Champion. Although JMDA have been advocating sustainability in the product design industry for many years with initiatives such as their child car seat recycling scheme, Kool Recycle, having a Sustainability Champion formalises its important issue at the heart of the culture at JMDA.

Becky Worrall explains, “Our goal is that sustainability will be at the heart of the business, from infrastructure to culture. Everything we do we will aim to be as socially responsible and sustainable as possible. We are committed to reducing our carbon footprint and inspiring others to do the same.”

Chris Raynor, Director at JMDA Design says, “Sustainability has increasingly become a key focus of JMDA Design and we are continually looking at new ways to improve our processes. Having an appointed Sustainability Champion demonstrates our commitment to this global issue and I know Becky shares this passion so is ideally placed to coordinate activities.”

Designing sustainable products is also another key area that the JMDA team are committed to, with a new webinar planned for the autumn to bring about greater awareness in the industry. Having a roadmap with short-term and long-term goals helps businesses keep on track in their mission for sustainability and ownership of reducing their overall carbon footprint.

Internally JMDA are also reviewing their working environment, marketing activities and general operational business practices to underpin the aim of driving sustainability forward in the products and services they deliver on the global stage.

For more information regarding JMDA and their sustainability mission, please call 01386 426100 or email [email protected].

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