Vehicle bootspace fitting

New fitting guides for vehicle loadspaces

JMDA’s new fitting-guide for prams and strollers offers a unique solution that provides an insight into vehicle loadspaces.

As vehicle loadspace is so varied and has no regulated conformity, fitting a bulky pram or stroller into a boot, can be fraught with problems.  JMDA Design’s Vehicle Compatibility Services (VCS) have a new boot space fitting-list, which is designed to reassure manufacturers and retailers, that their products will fit in a particular car.

Through JMDA’s development of the new fitting guide, pram and stroller designs are evaluated against their extensive database of vehicle loadspaces, to confirm maximum market compatibility. There is also the added advantage that designs can be analysed using 3D CAD data, pre-production and existing products can be provided with a fitting-guide for distribution and sales.

Founder and Director of JMDA, Derrick Barker explores further the benefits of the new loadspace fitting guide, “Having a fitting-guide for bootspace not only reduces the return-rates on products purchased online and in-store, it also provides a more customer-friendly image for a brand. It’s never been more important to consider adopting a consumer-centric culture”.

As R&D projects continue to evolve during the global coronavirus crisis, competitive differentiation will ensure innovative brands will quickly increase sales once normality resumes. The fitting-guides services for prams and strollers is just another way that manufacturers and retailers can add value and enhance the customer experience.

For more information about vehicle compatibility services and the new fitting guides for vehicle loadspaces from JMDA Design, please give Derrick Barker a call on +44(0) 7831 464044 or alternatively email [email protected].

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