JMDA Stroller and pram fitting list

New Stroller and Pram Fitting-List Service at JMDA

JMDA and its Vehicle Compatibility Services offer a unique vehicle fitting-list service to those designing, manufacturing and selling child restraint systems (CRS) around the world, but now also offers a solution for fitting prams and strollers in the boot of a car.

JMDA is known throughout the industry for its unique ‘vehicle compatibility services’ and is now expanding this specialised service into the realm of other baby and toddler gear. Prams and strollers are bulky items and knowing whether they fit into a consumer’s car is never certain when this cannot be the physically tested before purchase.

Chris Raynor, Head of CRS Compatibility Services at JMDA says “Passenger-car boots or trunks are usually measured in litres, but  knowing what ‘usable’ space is actually available and whether a square-shaped boot can fit a rectangular-folded pram or stroller is an important part of making life easier for busy parents – so a handy guide for the many prams & strollers in  passenger-cars can only be a good thing for manufacturers, retailers and consumers.”

Just as with CRS, a fitting-list proves a valuable guide and the increasing trend for online and ‘distance’ sales serves to increase this need for all parts of the chain, in order to ensure customer satisfaction and to reduce returns.

The EMEA region is currently covered by this new service, but will be expanded into other markets in due course.

For further details about JMDA and their exclusive Vehicle Compatibility Services, please call +44 (0) 1386 426100, alternatively email [email protected].

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