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Founded in 1959 and based in Brussels, CLEPA, the European Association of Automotive Suppliers brings together over 120 of the world’s most prominent suppliers for car parts, systems and modules and more than 20 national trade associations and European sector associations.

They represent more than 3,000 companies and support the EU and UN decision-making process and shaping the legislations impacting the automotive business. Their main priorities are to foster a competitive, smart and sustainable Europe, as well maintain the European leadership in reducing CO2 emissions and support road safety.
We are proud to be members of CLEPA and the only European designers in the organisation and bring with us a thorough understanding of complex safety challenges and child restraint system regulations which can be used to help drive smart growth and define the future of road safety.


JMDA and ESI have partnered up to offer Virtual Prototyping of Child Car Seats.

Simulation opens up fresh opportunities to innovate, prove new concepts, test the limits and establish sound due diligence evaluations for new designs. The time and cost to manufacture can be significantly reduced by carrying out tests during concept development and engineering to validate a design before investment in tooling and initial testing. It allows for going beyond the requirements of the regulations to mitigate any future risks and optimise product safety.

Virtual Prototyping Simulation saves time and money. Click here to see how it can benefit your project.

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For more than 100 years, SMMT has been the voice of the UK automotive industry and they are undoubtedly one of the UK’s largest and most influential trade associations.

By being members of the SMMT, we are demonstrating our commitment to working in synergy with global car seat manufacturers and have the opportunity to offer technical advice with regards to child restraint systems which might influence designs of future automotive vehicles. Besides this, being a member allows us to receive data regarding the latest automotive trends enabling us to remain ahead of the market. The information from accessible data sets and reports can also be used to support our contextual studies and develop tailored strategies for the design of child car seats.

AB Crash Safety

AB Crash Safety has worked for the last 28 years in Child Restraints and Nursery product design, research & development including testing and certification and all compliance requirements.

They also have considerable experience in tool making, moulding and production.

They are a specialist in the Australian Car Seat regulation and market place having worked with Britax for many years.

AB Crash Safety is JMDA’s exclusive support capability for Child Restraints in Australia.

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