Research Trips Expand JMDA’S Vehicle Compatibility Services

JMDA is continuing to improve and expand its unique vehicle compatibility services into new markets with recent research trips to both the USA and Brazil.

Chris Raynor, JMDA’s  Vehicle Compatibility Services Manager recently travelled to Ohio, USA in October of last year with partner DECA to research the passenger-car market and investigate the broad range of vehicles on offer from global brands such as Chevrolet, Ford and Dodge. Consequently, JMDA can now offer a full market-specific fitting-list service for the USA. The increasing popularity of more complex Child Restraint Systems (C.R.S) on sale in North America means this issue will only become more important and the need for detailed fitting lists will increase over the coming years.

Shortly after his trip to the USA, Chris spent over a week in the Brazilian city of Sao Paulo in November. As the 8th largest passenger-car market in the world, Brazil has a local-type approval of CRS and its domestic car market differs greatly to Europe and North America. By spending time in Brazil, Chris was able to research the passenger car sector and gather more data on the many market-specific vehicles including VW, FIAT, Nissan and Hyundai. This data will form an exclusive fitting list which will be useful for other South American countries whose regulations may accept Brazillian-approved CRS.

Talking of his recent research trips, Chris explains, “With a large number of different vehicle models from many global manufacturers, there was plenty of research to undertake in both the USA and in Brazil. As a developing nation, the regulations in Brazil had not been as complex or extensive as in Europe. The disparity in fitment of Isofix and top tether connectors is still quite evident. Now that the country is adopting a CRS type -approval regulation in line with the European R44/04 standard, the need for data from cars already fitted with these features, is essential. Other data surrounding belt-length and cabin dimensions is also vital in ensuring correct fitment of CRS.”  He adds, “The data acquired from these  two research trips will allow us to adapt our complex designs to better suit the passenger cars in use by consumers, to engage with research and regulatory bodies in the establishing of new regulations and to provide fitting-lists for child restraint systems manufacturers.”

JMDA Design are global designers of innovative CRS. Through their extensive research of vehicle seat design and compatibility with child restraint systems, the company has built up a comprehensive database of cars in the European market and, uniquely, a database of China-specific passenger cars for the China car market in addition to specific databases for Japan, the USA and Brazil which cover their unique vehicles.

JMDA wishes to thank Montrose Auto Group, The Marhofer Group and many more in Ohio, USA. In Brazil, they wish to thank Debra at FIAT Amazonas, Geraldo at Itororo Chevrolet, Sonnervig Ford as well as the various showrooms that kindly assisted the team with their research. Special thanks also goes to the UKTI team at the British Consulate General in Brazil and to Mr. Nelson Soares for his unfailing local assistance in Sao Paulo.

For further details about JMDA and their unique vehicle compatibility services and detailed fitting lists, please call +44 (0) 1386 426100 or alternatively email [email protected].

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