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Tinyseats is a vison born out of the day to day challenges of a young family living the urban life in Singapore. It is a design addressing the taxi and short journey multi-passenger market.Growth of Uber style taxi services, car rental, introduction of car share schemes and also the future of driverless cars. Most firms retain a supply of different car seats to cover the various ages. However, maintaining the seats in good order can be problematic.

During research, it was realised that a child restraint designed and optimised specifically for taxis and car rental companies would satisfy urban consumer needs for child safety when around the city or vocational trips. City consumers require convenient, portable products providing flexibility and mobility. Currently, there is no comparable product designed for the taxi and rental market. The taxi service suffers significant difficulties with provision of child safety seats for passengers due to:

– Wide range of child ages and sizes require different child seats.
– Installing the car seat and the child before the journey can take time, which is at a premium.
– Storage space in the vehicle or boot will not accommodate the different seats required.
– The weight of the seat is adding to fuel consumption and physical efforts to handle.
– Maintaining an easy, clean and hygienic car seat which will be used by multiple users is problematic.

Winner of Red Dot Award 2020

The Red Dot Design Award, which has identified good design since 1950, received more than 4,000 entries from 52 countries around the world were submitted in the Red Dot Award Design Concept category, whereby the JMDA Tinyseats design project was one of only 188 concepts to win a Red Dot Award. Putting this into perspective only 5.5% of entries win an award, thus an amazing achievement to be proud of, by all parties involved!

The award for design concept accepts design concepts for products, services or communication designs that are not already mass produced and sold in the market at the time of submission to the competition. The Red Dot Award: Design Concept highlights the top 15 companies, design studios and design institutions of different regions and is now the ultimate reference for design achievement and capability.

The Red Dot is a recognised international seal for excellence in design innovation. Winning a Red Dot is a highly effective way for companies to communicate their design and innovation leadership, enhancing mindshare and increasing their brand value to the world.




What was the solution?

Tinyseats is the most compact, lightweight and convertible car seat suitable for children from 9 months to 6 years old. This range addresses the bulk usage of mobile families and children.

The design is clean and smooth with minimum trap and dirt collection areas. Can be easily washed down. The main seat shape design has clean surfaces with generous corners to avoid any injury to the child, other passengers or during handling.The seat elements nest together to create a clean, compact and regular volume, which fits conveniently into any trunk or when carrying. Only 450mm x 400mm x 200mm. The complete safety system is quick and easy to deploy and install for any child up to 6 years.

The seat can be used on the base both forward and rearward facing when the child uses the harness, then the seat can be used without the base as a high back booster seat when using the adult seat belt.

Thank you all for your support and dedication to help us bring this dream to reality!

David Sandgren, TinySeats AB

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