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The safety of children during transportation is at the heart of JMDA Design philosophy and was the focus in its recent design of the YKO SMART CRS child restraint which uses Smart Seat Technology. Similar products designed to protect children whilst being transported in vehicles exist on the market, but these do not optimize their true engineering and safety purpose. This innovative design by the team at JMDA aimed to create a child restraint system which is more progressive and innovative than products already available on the market. A design which would draw upon styling trends in the automotive sector, but which incorporated interactive features that whilst providing optimum safety of the child, would add benefit to the end user and improve the user experience of the product.

The Award

The Red Dot Design Award, which has identified good design since 1950, received more than 18,000 applications in 2016, making it the largest and most recognised professional design competition in the world. the Red Dot Design Award is broken down into the three distinct disciplines: The Red Dot Award: Product Design, Red Dot Award: Communication Design and Red Dot Award: Design Concept. Each of the awards address a specific area of design. The award for design concept accepts design concepts for products, services or communication designs that are not already mass produced and sold in the market at the time of submission to the competition. The Red Dot Award: Design Concept highlights the top 15 companies, design studios and design institutions of different regions and is now the ultimate reference for design achievement and capability. In 2016, the Red Dot Award for design concept received 4,698 entries from 60 countries.

The Red Dot is a recognised international seal for excellence in design innovation. Winning a Red Dot is a highly effective way for companies to communicate their design and innovation leadership, enhancing mindshare and increasing their brand value to the world.

The Design

The design of the seat utilizes lightweight carbon fibre reinforced polymers (CFRP) in panel form which adds impact strength to the seat which manages the energy efficiently in the event of impact. Automotive materials such as aluminum and translucent plastics feature heavily in this design concept, the elements of which combine to create a stylish and sleek product which is aesthetically appealing to consumers. Its refined form, sculptured surfaces and smart materials deliver a high-quality design that has complete synergy and compatibility with the cars of today as well as of the future.

The weight and stature of the child is assessed by sensors on the seat and guides the user to utilise the correct configuration when installing the seat. The use of ISOFIX connectors anchor the car seat to the vehicle and a combination of green and red illuminating indicators informs the user when the ISOFIX is correctly connected and engaged. In addition to this, Thermo-chromic fabrics capable of detecting changes in temperature are built into JMDA’s Smart CRS child car seat linings. These technological advances gather information about the seat and should the temperature of the child rise, communicate a warning to a mobile phone device. This makes it a fantastic feature in the event that a child is left unintentionally in a vehicle for any length of time.

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