JMDA welcomes new 3D Printer

JMDA Design becomes three-dimensional!

We’re pleased to welcome a new addition to the team – our brand new 3D printer!

The printer will substantially improve our design and prototyping process by allowing us to visualise

and explore key components of the design in a solid, tangible form. Real, functional parts can be

created in a matter of hours from conceiving an idea. This will allow us to reach a stage of design

maturity much sooner, giving a cost and time saving to the product development process, whilst

expanding JMDA’s offering as a design service.

It works by taking 3D design (CAD) data and extrudes heated material (usually plastic) to a build

plate, layer by layer until it is a complete, accurate model. Parts can be scaled down or actual size, as

long as they fit within the limits of the machine.

We are excited about the progression we will make with our new addition in the office and we are

confident it will prove cost and time efficient, benefitting our designs, our customers, and further

building on the design knowledge and skill the JMDA team already have.

For more information on our services please call +44 1386 426100 or email

[email protected].

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